Read These GMAT Sentence Correction Questions

GMAT sentence correction questions is made up of a sentence with one of its parts underlined, which is then followed by five choices of answers. The task of student is to choose the right answer or version. The correction questions aims at increasing and testing your knowledge.

Approach to GMAT Sentence Correction Practice Questions

GMAT sentence correction practice is very confusing and for you not to have a hard time, you can use approaches that you need to know and remember in answering.

  • Read every sentence with attention and care in order to spot the mistake.
  • If you find the mistake, eliminate answer choices that contains the same mistake.
  • Go through remaining choices in finding the second mistake.
  • If you can’t find the mistakes, consider to choose option A.
  • Read the entire sentence with option you are choosing.

Always remember that this kind questions on GMAT sentence correction practices and test aim at correct expression and effective expression and you should pick the right answer that is concise and clear.

Question: Considered as one of the brightest legal scholars, Kysar Douglas has written numerous articles about environmental policy and law. His writings include a book with law professor named Daniel Esty, is cited more often than most other scholars.

  1. Are cited more often than most other

  2. Is cited more often than most other

  3. Is cited more often than those of most other

  4. Are cited more often than those of most other

  5. Are cited more often than are most other

Question: The concert promises to attract an even greater amount of individuals than the last concert.

Image credit: http://168opportunities.com

Image credit: http://168opportunities.com

  1. An even greater amount of individuals

  2. An amount of individuals even greater

  3. An even greater amount of individuals

  4. An even greater number of individuals

  5. A number of individuals even larger

Here are only some of the practice questions on GMAT that you should know. There are still lots of the questions on the web that you can check out. It is advisable that before taking GMAT exam, you need to be sure that you do all sentence corrections questions in official guide for GMAT review. Do not also forget about the approaches to know the best answer. To find all the mistakes, try using our online sentence check.

Start your gmat sentence correction practice today!